Google Ads (AdWords)

The Google Ads certification exams test your knowledge of basic and advanced advertising concepts of AdWords and Google advertising products. iPassExam offer a comprehensive Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) study package that covers the full curriculum of the Google Partners Exams.

  • 50+ questions, answers and explanations
  • A Downloadable Study Guide
  • Personalized learning plan
  • Printable certificate of achievement
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  • All PPC exams included (best value)
  • Question Banks
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Practice Exams
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  • Perfect for working in teams
  • Bespoke requirements catered for
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What We Offer

Our modules include Question Banks, Practice Exams, and student tailored Learning Plans. Our learning modules are written to match the official Google exam curriculum, so you can use our product in conjunction with the official Google Study Guides (recommended). What's more all our MCQs have been written to match the style, format and difficulty of the questions you will encounter when sitting the actual exam.

On completing a category in our question bank, you will be presented with a bespoke learning plan that highlights your knowledge gaps. This allows you to work more efficiently by avoiding covering material you already understand and focusing on your areas of weakness. Each learning plan consists of a series of Key Learning Points (KLP) that discuss specific topics within that category and provide links for further reading.

Once you have answered every question in each category and completed the Question Bank and read the recommended KLP's, it's time to see if you are fully prepared for the actual exam. Our Practise Tests are perfect for testing your readiness. These sample exam questions have been written especially for this practice exam and won't be found in the general question bank. Under timed exam conditions you will have the opportunity to take a test run with a practice exam that is written in the style, format and difficulty of the actual exam. If you pass with us you're going to pass the actual exam.

MCQ Based Study

When learning, it's not enough to simply read material; you also have to understand that material and be able to recall that information when needed. MCQ based study helps reinforce your ability to 'remember' information that you have stored but may find difficult to recollect. Studying using our question banks aids your ability to remember information by drilling you on your understanding of the Google curriculum by asking you questions on topics listed in the Google Partners syllabus. Used in conjunction with the official Google Study Guides, it's very effective way of learning. Our customers come back time and time again attributing their success to this technique. Don't take our word for it, check out our testimonials.

Why Choose Us

We are Google Partner Exam experts! All our resources are written and maintained by dedicated team of industry experts.

We're up-to-date: Because we charge a modest fee for our learning modules, we're able to pay authors to constantly update our question banks. When Google recently announced that they changed the Fundamentals Exam we were working on updating our resources within minutes of the announcement. All our resources are bang-up-to-date, including the Video and Shopping resources. We can confidently say we're the only study provider who are currently fully in line with the Google Partners curriculum.

We learn your strengths and weaknesses: We're the only on-line provider that has a system that learns your strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, we're able to provide you a bespoke learning plan that allows you to focus your study where it's needed. This will save you time and effort; after all nobody wants to be a busy fool :-)

We're comprehensive: We're the only on-line learning provider to cover all six of Google's partners exams: Google Analytics, AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display, Shopping and Video. We even cover Microsoft's Bing exam.

We're reliable: We have an uptime of 99.8% (for the last 12 months). We've invested considerable time and effort into our platform resulting in a Learning Management System that you can rely on when the pressures on. See our system status page to view our stats from a third-party monitoring site.

We have a high success rate: Since 2009 we have helped over 40,000 people pass their AdWords Exams. Every week we receive compliments from our customers - it's great to get feedback that our hard work is appreciated.

We offer a Money-Back Guarantee! While only you can guarantee the diligence and focus necessary to pass the Exam, we can guarantee satisfaction with our service. For this reason, we confidently offer you a 100% satisfaction 7 day money-back guarantee.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

In addition to our paid resources, we offer several FREE resources that you can use to evaluate the quality of our questions / functionality of our system. These include our Introduction to Google Ads (AdWords) Assessment and Google Ads (AdWords) Study Bundle Trial.

We have a live chat system, if you see we're on-line, please feel free to chat with us should you have and further questions.