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Prepare for the Adobe Flash CS6 exam (ACE), with iPassExam's multiple choice question (MCQ) certification training.

Our Adobe Flash CS6 ACE sample questions tests your knowledge of deploying Flash content to the Web and desktop including measuring your understanding of ActionScript 3.0 programming fundamentals.

274 Questions

Included in this package:

Question Bank

The iPassExam Adobe Flash ACE Question Bank contains 200+ exam style practice Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's). These MCQs have been written to match the style, format and difficulty of the actual exam.

This Question Bank is organized to match the curriculum of the Adobe Flash ACE Exam (as laid out by Adobe Training Services) .

Practice Exam

Gauge your exam readiness for the Adobe Flash ACE exam with our unique exam practice questions. The iPassExam system simulates the environment and type of questions you could expect to answer in the actual Adobe Flash CS6 Exam.

These exam questions have been written specifically for this practice exam and are not duplicated from the question bank.

  • 50 questions taken from a pool of 75 (MCQ's)
  • 1:05 countdown timer

All of iPassExam's exam resources are written by a dedicated team of experts in their field.


When you purchase with iPassExam you are assured of:

Curriculum Matched

Our Flash question bank is categorized to match the official syllabus so you can work in conjunction with Adobe Training Services.

Up-to-Date Subject Matter

The iPassExam question banks are continuously updated to ensure all questions are kept current. With our practice tests you can be confident you're studying with questions that are going to match the actual exams content.

Question Format

Our multiple-choice format simulates the actual Flash exam so you get accustomed to the actual test interface.


iPassExam's Adobe Flash ACE Exam questions are designed to be as challenging as those on your actual exam (perhaps more so). If you're achieving a passing score of 66% with iPassExam, you should be confident that you can achieve the same passing score of 66% on the actual exam.

Answer Explanations

Unlike the actual test, we mark each question one at a time so you're able to see if you have selected the correct option. We also provide question explanations that often contain links to official sources so you can do additional reading in that area.


  • Planning and Designing Flash Applications
  • Creating, Importing, and Managing Assets
  • Creating Animations and Interactivity
  • Programming with ActionScript 3.0
  • Testing Flash Applications on Multiple Platforms
  • Publishing and Deploying Flash Applications


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