Continuous Professional Development

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This CPD course is for PPC advertising professionals who are interested in the latest developments within the Google AdWords interface.

Quickly learn how to leverage new AdWords features to get the best results for your clients.

We've written rich interactive case studies, which tests and informs best practice for leveraging the very latest features introduced to AdWords so that you can maximise benefits for your clients.

This resource will present multiple new scenarios that outline implementation dilemmas faced by PPC managers. Your response to these scenarios is compared to best practice as described by leading industry experts

We will continually update this resource to reflect the changes in the PPC landscape. An email will be sent to all subscribers when new modules are added.

Continuing Professional Development is about:

  • improving skills and gaining knowledge
  • ensuring you remain current and effective as a marketing professional

On successful completion of each module, you will have the opportunity to download a certificate worth 1 hour of CPD credit.

A first for AdWords Consultants

Whilst CPD in the Marketing Industry is a standard and a given, its not usually so with digital agencies. However, we have noticed the beginnings of change and have produced The FIRST CPD for AdWords Consultants. No-one else does it, yet! But, watch this space, because its going to become the norm before you know it!

This is an exciting new venture for us, and we want to hear from you, we want your feedback so please email with any thoughts you have on this new learning resource.


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