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Prepare for the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam with our sample test questions and answers, plus a timed practice exam.

486 Questions
The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam is a compulsory component of the New Google AdWords Certified Partner program.

Question Bank

The iPassExam AdWords Fundamentals Question Bank contains 310+ exam style practice Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's). These MCQs have been written to match the style, format and difficulty of the actual exam.

This Question Bank is organized to match the curriculum of the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam (as laid out by Google) .

Practice Exam

Gauge your exam readiness for the Fundamentals exam with our unique exam practice questions. The iPassExam system simulates the environment and type of questions you could expect to answer in the actual Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam.

These exam questions have been written specifically for this practice exam and are not duplicated from the question bank.

  • 100 questions taken from a pool of 115 (MCQ's)
  • 2 hour countdown timer

*New* Personalised Learning Plan

Answer all the questions in any given category to view a Personalised Learning Plan of the subject areas you need to concentrate on to improve your score. This helps save you valuable study time, so that you don’t have to go over subject areas that you are already knowledgeable in.

All of iPassExam's exam resources are written by a dedicated team of experts in their field.


When you purchase with iPassExam you are assured of:

Curriculum Matched

Our AdWords Fundamentals question bank is categorized to match the official syllabus so you can work in conjunction with Google.

Up-to-Date Subject Matter

The iPassExam question banks are continuously updated to ensure all questions are kept current. With our practice tests you can be confident you're studying with questions that are going to match the actual exams content.

Question Format

Our multiple-choice format simulates the actual AdWords Fundamentals exam so you get accustomed to the actual test interface.


iPassExam's Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam questions are designed to be as challenging as those on your actual exam (perhaps more so). If you're achieving a passing score of 90% with iPassExam, you should be confident that you can achieve the same passing score of 90% on the actual exam.

Answer Explanations

Unlike the actual test, we mark each question one at a time so you're able to see if you have selected the correct option. We also provide question explanations that often contain links to official sources so you can do additional reading in that area.


  • Module 1: Understanding the value of online advertising
  • Module 2: Setting up and AdWords campaign
  • Module 3: Measuring and optimising performance

Money-Back Guarantee!

Purchase with confidence: We're happy to offer you a money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee (find out more).

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When I took the actual test I scored 97 percent!

"I went through all the questions, and I love how when you answer a question wrong, it goes through a thorough explanation of why your answer is wrong, I kept getting about 86 percent on the test questions. When I took the actual test I scored 97 percent!"

5 Star Rating

I wouldn't have passed the exam without the help of these practice questions. Thank you very much!

"I passed the Fundamentals Exam with 98%. This is my second time when I take this exam in the first. The first was in 2012, when I took 97%."

5 Star Rating

iPassExam literally enabled me to pass the exam

"I would have been lost without the prior practice that iPass gave me, because they are not just up to date with their questions against changes that Google made recently, iPass practice exams also gives you a taste of what type of questions are asked, which allowed me to shift my study habits to be more effective.

I am more than pleased to be drilling down and learning the entire infrastructure of Adwords, because it actually does make me an expert and someone my clients can depend on to generate a positive ROI on their investment. It's more than worth the cost for what it gives me in terms of knowledge, confidence and skill.

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Hooray! I passed!

"Without the practice & help of your exam questions, I would not have passed!"

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Thanks so much for creating this course

"Your course helped me breeze through the actual exam in only 30 minutes! I was relieved to not only pass but to get 94%. I will definitely order your other courses and get all the Google exams done."

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Winged my adwords fundamentals and search advertising exams -- failed!!!

"Bought the adwords shopping advanced question bank -- just passed with an 87%. Woo hoo! AND I just bought the display advanced too. THANKS! huge help :)"

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Thanks to your help

"I passed the AdWords Fundamentals Exam - thanks to your help!!! The practice exams were perfect to prepare for it. I will definitely use you when I study for further exams."

5 Star Rating

I passed!

"I passed my Fundamentals exam with 85% - thankyou!"

5 Star Rating


"I really do think this helped me pass my Google Fundamentals exam first time!"

5 Star Rating

I passed the fundamentals with a 92%.

"I passed the fundamentals with a 92%, thanks to IPASS questions and guides! Now working on Advanced Search!! You guys are the BEST!"

5 Star Rating

Thanks for providing a wonderful Service.

"Very Good Material and it helped me to pass my exam!"

5 Star Rating

You've created a great support tool for training and re-educating users.

"Since I signed up to this tool for the 6 month period I have sent in a number of feedback items from within the exam areas. I wanted to say I am so very pleased with your professional responses and the rigorous checking of the reference points from the sources. Although I have not yet completed all the iPassExam's I did want to take the time to say you've created a great support tool for training and re-educating users. As a seasoned user of AdWords and Analytics it has been hard to re-learn old practices but your resource has really helped me take it all in as Google state it. So a massive thank you to all the team at iPassExam and I will 100% be recommending you time and time again."

5 Star Rating

The questions are very well designed.

"I would like to thank iPassExam for providing a great help to me in passing all the Google Certification Exams. I purchased the subscription for all the exams, and passed them on the very first attempt I made with very good scores. The credit goes to iPassExam which helped me to determine the areas of study, my weak areas and my strong areas. The questions are very well designed which are similar to the actual exam. I would like to say thanks to you once again and keep providing this great help to the new aspirants."

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Thank you so much for the service you provide!

"I just want to thank you so much for helping me pass my Fundamentals exam. I'm now doing my Advanced Search, is great!"

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Highly recommended!

"The questions are similar to the real questions and you can centrally improve your preparation."

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I was fast and confident in my answers

"The question bank really helped me to know what type of questions to expect and which areas to focus. I was fast and confident in my answers during the actual exam and was granted a score of 97%."

5 Star Rating

It helps you focus on study areas you need to focus on.

"The questions really give you a clear idea of typical questions found on the exam. It helps you focus on study areas you need to focus on. For someone like myself who learns best through the process of understanding by solving questions, this method was most suited to me."

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