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So you’ve decided. You’re gunning for it--that certification that’s going to prove you’re a wizard in your choice of Adobe application. You’ve chosen your testing location. You’re ready to shell out funds for that examination. All that’s left is to ACE it with the right Adobe Certification Exam Study Guide.

focus just focus

Now let’s cover all the bases if you want to pass. KNOW THIS: There may be some brave souls among you out there who would take the exam thinking you can pass it on book knowledge alone. Think twice! The Adobe Certification Exam is for the tried and true. A few years of thorough experience in the application you’re taking the exam for is key. Otherwise, no Adobe Certification Exam Study Guide will help you pass if you don’t have practical experience. Got the experience covered? Well then read on, examination padawan! To pass the test, we have the guide and the lowdown to help you be a certified Adobe Jedi from the get-go with the right Adobe ACE exam study guides.

In this article, you’ll first be reading up on the basic things you should keep in mind, the steps you’ve got to keep covered, and then we’ll give you a comprehensive list of the best resources to choose from among all the Adobe certified exam study guides, free or purchased, including that of iPassExam’s!

Before Everything Else:

What is the Adobe ACE Exam? Do you really need it?


The Adobe Certification Exam or ACE is the gateway for any professional to prove their aptitude at their chosen application, at the level that Adobe itself would approve. Now there is a difference between Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Adobe Certified Experts (ACE), so just to clarify, we are focusing on those who want to get the ACE.

To know more about what it is and if you really need it, we suggest reading The Adobe Geek’s Guide on How to Be An Adobe-Certified Expert. But in summary, you can apply for certifications and utilise the Adobe certified examination study guides to be an Adobe Certified Expert in different applications, a.k.a. Adobe Solutions. However, most people want the Adobe Certification for its Creative Cloud. This includes Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and Flash.

How Much Adobe Certification Exam Cost?

The examination cost? USD 180 each. That does not yet include Adobe ACE exam study guides, training, sand what-not. In short, it is an examination for those who are truly committed to investing financially AND mentally to prove themselves a level above other designers. The good thing is, the ACE, once passed, is for life! Sort of a good reason to choose the right Adobe Certification Exam Study Guide, huh?

Now, ask yourself:

How much experience do you have before getting an Adobe ACE exam study guide?

Typing in Laptop

Before you even look into choosing an Adobe Certification Exam Study Guide, to pass the Adobe ACE exam, you have to know WAY MORE than copy-pasting a picture. Your manual experience with the application is the very foundation you need first and foremost.

Now while designers are often very visual and rely very much on the app’s icons, learning the official name of the tools, drop-down menus, and functions will be a very big ace for you. Starting now, whenever you use the app you’re testing for, make it a game: name the tool, name the shortcut, name what you’re doing so your practical knowledge translates well in the exam.

Trust us, you are not going to get an exam question from Adobe that goes like:

“What does the rope-looking thingy tool do?” as entertaining as that would be.

Everything else that you learn from the Adobe ACE exam study guide will only serve to reinforce your technical experience. And if you know enough, maybe you ought to just get an Adobe Certified Exam Study Guide, free!

Let's Start with "Official" Adobe Certification Exam Study Guides!

full of books

There are plenty of Adobe Certification Exam Study Guides from Adobe itself that you can take advantage of. Some of the resources you should consider looking through:

For Basic Self-Study:

Adobe Classroom Book (for your specific application)

COST: book, bundles (if you're looking to be ACE-certified in more than one application)

For full access to Adobe's learning materials:

COST: 5000 USD for Individual all-access pass

You could choose this. The PRO is you get educated straight from the source through the cost, for most of us, seems to be a CON. Choosing Adobe’s resources, of course, is a safe and comprehensive bet, though if you read on, you will find alternative Adobe ACE exam study guides that might help you “hack” the test so you pass on the first try, and at less cost. Remember, the exam is already pricey as it is and when funds are on the line, you may want to limit the number of failed attempts you make!

What is some other Adobe certification exam study guide options out there?


1. iPassExam 


Numerous, comprehensive, and up-to-date Adobe Certification Exam Study Guides and practice exam questions for apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Acrobat, and Flash.

Depending on which Adobe ACE exam study guides you need, you could get the whole bundle, or focus on just one application. It’s your combo of study tools to make that will help you ACE that test! You could also try the iPassExam Adobe Certified Exam Study Guide, free for one week trial so you can see how it works for you before you commit.





2. Udemy


Offers online courses. You don’t just get Adobe Certification Exam Study Guides via notes, you get it via video lecture.





3. Examaids 


Offers downloadable Adobe ACE Exam Study Guide Programs.





4. TestsAhoy 

FREE Adobe Certification Exam Study Guides. You just have to register to log-in.




Whichever Adobe Certification Exam Study Guide you choose, here are some cardinal tips to pass:



The Most Important Tip:

Test yourself, and test yourself some more before the actual test:

its time to practice

You might go crazy trying to guess and worrying over what kind of test they’ll put you through for the certification. But there’s a very simple and easy answer to that--put yourself to the test already before the actual exam!

Practice answering simulated questions that are up-to-date and will feel like the real deal. Take note of the topics and questions you got right and wrong, and then make sure to study extra for the ones you’re weak on.

Try out iPassExam’s Adobe Certified Exam Study Guide, free for one week and see how it works for you. Before you know it, you may be passing with flying Adobe colors!


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