Are they the actual exam questions?

We do not copy the actual exam questions that would be cheating and a copyright infringement. Rather we write questions in the same style and format as those in the exam. We regularly sit the exams to ensure that we have all all the topics covered. We retire old questions and we write new ones when new topics are added.

How do I access my questions?

Once you have purchased your subscription enter your username and password in the login box at the top right hand corner and click "Go". A new tab will appear on the navigation bar called "dashboard". You can access any trial or purchased accounts from here.

When were the questions last updated?

Our questions are constantly being reviewed and updated to reflect changes to the exams. The last major update took place in September 2013 in line with the new Google Partners program.

Do the questions cover the entire Google Partners program?

Yes. Our product details pages highlight the areas that you will be tested on during the exam. The actual exam syllabus is published by Google at the certification learning center, and we make sure that we stay current with that syllabus.

How do you know your questions are good and relevant?

Our authors sit the exams regularly to make sure that we only ask highly pertinent sample questions. Also, our online community are very quick to let us know of any changes the minute they happen.

Can I extend my account?

Yes, of course you can. Visit the relevant product page and purchase another subscription which will be added to your current account.

What format are the questions in?

All of the questions are multiple choice (MCQs) and are written in the style of the exam. Examples can be seen on our free trials on the appropriate product pages.

What payment methods do you allow?

Our site is integrated with both SagePay and PayPal.

Can I download the questions offline?

No. This is an online service that interactively marks your response.

Do you have printable books of the questions?

No. This is not something that we currently do.

Can you guarantee I'll pass my exam?

No! No-one at our office has mystical exam pass granting powers. Passing the exam will very much depend on how hard you work. However, we receive emails everyday with stories of how we helped our customers pass. We recommend that you answer ALL of the questions and don't sit the exam until you've got at least 90% of them correct. Then we're pretty sure you'll pass.

Are your questions in the actual exam?

No! That would be cheating, and we would be plagiarising! Our service is a legitimate exam preparation service. Our questions are written in the same format & style of the exam.

Do you have anything to do with Google?

No. We don't have any affiliation with Google. However, our database has revealed that official Google employees do use our service for training reasons!

Can I account share?

No! It is part of our Terms and Conditions that you do not account share. Also, it isn't really in your best interest to account share because you won't get an accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

How many times can I answer the questions?

As many times as you like, until you think you're ready for the exam. However, we have just implemented a tool that highlights account sharing. The tool does a pretty good job of recognising all the customers with superpowers who relentlessly answer questions without stopping for coffee or bathroom breaks! Just click the "reset my score" button once you have finished answering all of the questions in the resource.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes we do! All the details can be found on our Affiliate Program details page.