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The Adobe Geek's Guide on How to Be an Adobe Certified Expert

Thinking of being an Adobe Certified Expert? Bookmark, save, and then share to the rest of your designer friends to show them how to be Adobe Certified and why they need that Adobe Certification. This full article will show you all the ropes and how to ACE it all with iPassExam's study bundles!


How to be Adobe Certified?! PFFFT! What is an Adobe Certification in the first place?

An Adobe Certified expert is someone who has taken and passed the exams on a specific application of Adobe. Anyone can use their software, but Adobe Certification is an official recognition of your technical skills and knowledge in the program. You can be an Adobe Certified Expert in different applications, a.k.a. Adobe Solutions but most people want the Adobe Certification for its Creative Cloud. This includes Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and Flash.


Let's AdoBE Real: What's the benefit of an Adobe certification?

In a world where millions of designers use Adobe applications of all kinds, knowing how to be Adobe Certified is the advantage to help you stand out. Clients want to know their projects are in good hands, and it never hurts to have proof you're a real-life certified Adobe wizard, whichever your application of choice is.

benefit of an Adobe certification

When you know how to be Adobe Certified, you'll be able to get the ACE certifications that will


Where do you take the test to be Adobe Certified? 

You can take the test from almost anywhere in the world to be an Adobe Certified expert. Test centers are located strategically where anyone who decides to take the test can go to one near them. To learn more about the exam, visit Adobe’s certification page. The site will lead you to their partner who handles testing on their behalf--Pearson VUE.

How do you sign up? Simple. You choose a location, select a time and a date, and then pay by credit card or receive an invoice.

How much does it cost to be Adobe Certified?

Each examination costs quite an amount, so you may have to set aside some funds for that. As of writing, an examination on one application for those who want to be an Adobe Certified expert costs about 120 USD in India, or 180 USD everywhere else.


What can you expect in the Adobe Certification exam?

To get on the road to becoming an Adobe Certified expert, download the guide for your chosen application so you can get a comprehensive understanding of the examination and a better idea of topics to study.

So how does Adobe determine if you’re worthy of their Adobe Certification? Here’s an explanation from their FAQ’s.

Adobe determines the passing score for each exam through a well-established process  This process involves subject matter experts defining the minimum competency levels required to pass the exam and rating the difficulty level of all exam questions.  Adobe uses this subject matter expert feedback and the data from the actual test results to determine the passing score for each exam.

taking exam

All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for each exam is 550.

Wait what? To many of us arts-driven people, those numbers tend to fly by our heads. So here’s a simple explanation of their scoring system on how to be adobe certified:

The questions range from easy to difficult, and are thus attributed with different points. Obviously, the more difficult it is, the higher the points you get. The maximum scaled score is at 700, and you want to answer well enough to reach score 550 or more.


What happens when you pass? Or don’t?

Candidates with a “pass” status will find out their final score status within 78 hours. Those who fail can retake it after 24 hours. If you fail three attempts or more to pass the exam, you incur a 14-day waiting period to retake the test. Remember, each attempt means paying the examination fee.


Now for the most important part: how do you ACE the test?

Brace yourself

There are different levels you should cover to make sure you become an Adobe Certified expert:

  1. The first step on how to be Adobe Certified? Stating the obvious, you need to actually know the basics and work the application--that means you should only be taking this test if you DO use the application and know it well. The manual experience you have is the foundation of the knowledge that the exam will test you on! Even Adobe says so here. 

  2. Now, to make sure you know every inch of the application, Adobe provided exam guides that you can download for free. You’ll find the link when you access information on the test you want to take at

  3. You could also invest in formal training, or buy books--but really, what’s most important on how to be Adobe Certified is KNOWING HOW TO ANSWER THE ACTUAL EXAM. Once you’ve got the knowledge, the key to passing the Adobe Certification Exam (ACE) in any application is to test yourself with practice questions that simulate the actual test.

  4. We all know how much Adobe loves updating its software, so it should be no surprise that the simulated questions you practice on should be up-to-date as well.

Answering practice questions that simulate the actual test will not only put you at ease once you’re doing the exam for real, it will also teach you your weak points and know which topics to further study, making you a prime Adobe Certified expert candidate.

FYI, iPassExam has a world of up-to-date question banks for your ACE. Look up the applications you’re thinking of testing for--the site has study bundles, practice questions and mock exams that could make all the difference in the results of your test.


We know what you’re thinking… Before you sign up for this big effort, is being an Adobe Certified expert even worth it.

Upon figuring out how to be Adobe Certified, you get a clear advantage, nay, a badge that will distinguish your knowledge and capabilities as certified and up-to-date. That gives you a clear business advantage.

Some of those who are looking to hire say they’re not after the certification per se, but the knowledge that you’ve proven you have if you’ve passed the examinations. 

So just to clear the debate up--is it worth it to even figure out how to be Adobe Certified? Yes.

And no. 

YES, being an Adobe Certified expert will ALWAYS be a plus for any designer, no matter what level you are in your career. As a newbie, the Adobe Certification will vouch for your lack of professional experience and references. As a freelancer or anyone who wants to level up their career, it’s easier to be found since your name will be added to an official, searchable roster here.


certified expert


Another plus side when you figure out how to be Adobe Certified? ACE certifications do not expire. Hooray, like your design sensibilities, that badge is for life. But of course ACE exams are continuously updated and ensured to be relevant. Testing yourself every now and then will prove your continued skill and knowledge as a competent Adobe Certified Expert. 

However, the cost PER exam, at present, is not cheap. If you don’t figure out how to be Adobe Certified right away and don’t pass it the first, second, or third time around, you can calculate the costs and determine that the answer is probably NO.

To get the biggest gain out of being an Adobe Certified Expert, we highly suggest you lessen any chance of failing and spending more per exam. The cost of an Adobe ACE study bundle plus the examination is ultimately the choice to make rather than spending for 180USD exams over and over again if you keep failing.

Carreer Success


Ultimately, the decision to make the biggest gains from your Adobe Certification is up to you.

If you’re going to spend time, effort, AND funds on How to be Adobe Certified Expert, trust iPassExam to be your support. For an exam that gives you significant returns IF you pass it, you may as well make sure you ACE it. Being an Adobe Certified Expert is going to give you the edge you need.

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