Team iPassExam

iPassExam have helped over 25,000 people from 110 different countries prepare and pass their exams. Our customers access our online distance learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...365 days a year! Our questions are kept up-to-the-minute by our resource editors and contributors, who are experts in their field. Not bad credentials for a core team of 5!

iPassExam was born in 2009 when Courtenay's technological expertise in Distance Learning provided the perfect vehicle for sharing the learning material that Rachel had prepared whilst studying for her Adwords exam.... that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that has blossomed into everything we are today.

As you can imagine with any small business, roles become blurred... and even the boss makes the coffee, but in the main, this is how we look:


Courtenay Probert
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

At heart, Courtenay is a computer technologist, systems analyst / architect and project manager with extensive hands-on expertise. He is responsible for the design and implementation of the current iPassExam software and works hard to communicate his vision with our Lead Software Developer. After graduating with a first class honours degree in Business Information Management, Courtenay established a web-application development company, MAWR Ltd, specialising in risk assessment management software. Courtenay then went on to work as the CIO of OnExamination and later onto the CIO of Pharmatelligence. His desire to run and direct his own company has been the driving force towards the success of iPassExam.

Courtenay currently lives in West Wales, with his heart firmly back in the mother land of the South Wales Valleys. He enjoys trying to cook Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals under 45 minutes! and plays a variety of musical instuments from guitar, saxaphone to the double bass.


Rachel Probert
Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Rachels background is firmly embedded in Digital / Online Marketing and Community building. She is a Marketing Professional with experience in working with both SME's and large Multinational organisations and her past lives include Marketing officer for the BMJ group, PPC consultancy to various organisations, columnist for Linux User & Developer, and feature writer / contributor for Linux Format. Rachel wrote the original questions for the iPassExam Adwords resources but quickly realised she had to move out of that role in order to help grow the business. Rachel is responsible for company communications and more recently in finding working partnerships with training companies and publishers.

Rachel is a closet hippy, who likes to gather with friends and sing around campfires. Rachel likes to be apart of and build communities wherever she goes whether its on-line or real life.


Helen Brown
PPC E-Learning Community Manager

Helen is our Qualified Google Adwords Professional with a keen interest in online advertising; spending her time working with AdWords and Bing Ads learning material. Helen is responsible for authoring and editing PPC related revision material and also interacting with and advising users of the site through both individual question feedback systems and managing customer support. Helen frequently reviews educational 'webinar' material and contributes blog postings to the site. Helen has also authored the Bing Ads study question resource and co-authored the Video Advertising Advanced study question resource at iPassExam. She is an active member of both the AdWords community forum and the Bing ads forum.

Helen lives in West Wales with her husband Derek and her little Spanish Jack Russell Pug cross (a jug?!) dog, Dewi. Helen loves spending time by the sea, cooking, fast cars, live music and traveling and experiencing different cultures.


Howard Dyer
Adobe ACE E-Learning Community Manager

Howard is a Graphic Designer for print and web, and has been using Adobe's creative software since 2005, from the humble beginnings of Creative Suite 1. He graduated from the Atrium Cardiff School of Creative Cultural Industries in 2008 with a BA Hons in Graphic Communications. Howard loves keeping his finger on the pulse for the latest exciting developments in visual software and hearing about how people use the software in their own unique ways. Howard is responsible for authoring and editing our Adobe ACE related study material and also interacting with and advising our Adobe ACE community via our question feedback system.

When he's not designing or writing for iPass, Howard can be found surrounding himself with music (listening, watching and playing in his band), reading all the classics, drawing and creating digital paintings.


Lauren Riddick
Lead Software Developer

Lauren is, in short, a coding genius. He has over 10 years of professional programming experience working with Microsoft Windows using MS SQL Server, C#, VB.NET, VB, VBA, and C++. He has professional certification and solid experience using the latest technologies including MS SQL Server, C# and VB.NET, ASP.Net, XML/XSL, Web Services, WCF, and Microsoft Patterns and Practices Libraries and Software Factories. He's added extensive experience with integration projects including data warehousing, data migration, distributed messaging systems, and third-party APIs to his already impressive list. Plus, he's proficient in a wide variety of advanced technologies and programming languages........ and last but not least, he's responsible for the tech behind iPassExam.

When Lauren isn't coding .... he's coding in his head. When Lauren isn't coding or coding in his head, then you can guarantee he's researching new ways of coding.


Richy Thomas
UX/UI Designer

Richy is a black belt in Origami and a master of HTML5 & CSS3. He graduated in 2009 from Swansea Metropolitan with a BSc in Multimedia - Majoring in Web Design. Richy's trade mark is clean, stylish, functional and responsive user interface design and development. He's a stickler for getting his way, and as a consequence we think we have a pretty kick ass looking site. If you can see it, then Richy did it! Richy is very thorough and meticulous and thrives on working under pressure. Which is very handy for us! Richy loves learning new technologies and taking on new challenges and is particularly proud of his work with Diploma MSc and StudyPRN.

When Richy's not designing on his Mac, he loves to spend time with his son (he's a very proud Dad). He also enjoys playing the guitar (really badly) and watching sports...and eating Jazz Apples... and thats why he works with us! Need I say more?